grashupfer (grashupfer) wrote,

A run of fun re-watches.

#871 - Knife in the Water (1962)

So efficient even in his first feature. There is nothing wasted. It's a bracing example for a writer. Jealousy is an easy story to understand. Anything sexy or dangerous might happen. Also might not. Polanski is really funny. Right down to the details. Like Herzog in that.

#870 - Night of the Demon (1957)

Creature double feature special effects. The story of the battle in its filming is more interesting than the movie, but I get why people might have a soft spot for this.

#869 - Mary Poppins (1964)

"That's a pie crust promise. Easily made, easily broken."
What can you say about this movie? She is probably the most beautiful actress who could also sing? Van Dyke's makeup is weird. So is his accent.

#868 - Leon, the Professional (1994)

Might have been my favorite movie when I was 22 and saw it in 1997. Not my favorite anymore, but still fun and I'm nostalgic for ever thinking that. There are some unforgettable shots in this. Camera shots not gun shots. And, well, Neta-Lee Hershlag.
Tags: 1001 movies, dick van dyke, julie andrews, luc besson, natalie portman, roman polanski

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