March 1st, 2012




okay, so what's the deal with this phrase/word? I hadn't heard it for the first 34 years of my life. I was not even aware of its existence. Now I hear it once a week. How did this make such a cultural leap? What did I miss?

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Drive is seriously light-weight and even the scenes it borrows (Lost Highway) are from light-weight movies. What a disappointment though I should have known better. The proof of the hero's competence at the start is refreshingly brief.

The Moviegoer, Walker Percy, is a piece of crap. Relentlessly. It says a lot about me at age 22 that I liked it then. Who was that person?

The Solitudes, Crowley, puts me to sleep nightly. I want it to get better.

Blue Nights, Didion. She has a gift for describing the places people live. King snakes falling from the garage rafters into her convertible. But every writer loses their powers at some age, right, not discounting the exceptions who prove the rule.

The Monster of Florence non-fiction book about the so-called monster. Way better than all of the above for its depiction of the sheer stupiditiy of the Italian police and absurdity of Italy more widely. Who will play Spezi in the movie? If you put his name into a google images search a bunch of pictures of Clooney show up. Guess that answers that. Jessica and I are going back to Florence in April. No sex in cars.

The Pale King, DFW. It's maddening b/c it could have been better. I try to write fiction, so I can feel all of Wallace's choices and strategies that went into why he presented certain scenes in certain ways. Almost all of them were bad or would've been changed, I think, if this had been finished. Dropping bits of the IRS code and CPA exam questions into the stream of the narrative was such a blunder and then the publisher puts those snippets on the cover of the book?

I should say less. I feel bad.