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4. Twelfth Night, Shakespeare

This is pretty fucking dark for a comedy. So much spill-over from the pages of Hamlet. The set-up of Malvolio is, like Hamlet, thrillingly lifelike. Maybe that's why it feels so dark. And Feste is Hamlet re-incarnated as his own surrogate father Yorick. Act 2, Scenes 3 and 4 are astonishing. Corrupter of words.

Did Shakespeare write the songs?

5. Agamemnon, translated by Fagles

CLYTAEMNESTRA: Leave all the rest to me.

Bloody bloody bloody bloody. The audience turns to ice, no?

I leave not obsessed with Cassandra of the float can, though she's wonderful in that incarnation. I find myself thinking about Iphigeneia, girl of tears. One of my ancient history professors (15 years ago now, talk about your ancient history) had us watch the 70's Greek movie Iphigenia in class. I remember its patience and anxiety, two things that surprisingly or not can go together.
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