grashupfer (grashupfer) wrote,

It may be that friendship is nourished on observation and conversation, but love is born from and nourished on silent interpretation... The beloved expresses a possible world unknown to us... that must be deciphered.

Deleuze, Proust and Signs
Tags: deleuze, proust, quotes

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    Reading Proust is a singular experience. It's slow. I find myself pausing after some paragraphs to consider some point or description, trying to…

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    After the amazingly extravagant suggestion of the burrowing wasp; this is from page 95 in my antique Random House two-volume edition of the Moncrieff…

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    Often, moved by mutual affection, the young people swore that they would never separate. Carpentier, Explosion in a Cathedral Isn't this one of…

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