grashupfer (grashupfer) wrote,

We have a long green dumpster in our driveway as part of our false spring cleaning, and, in bed last night, while snuggling after an anniversary entanglement, I asked Jessica if she'd moved or re-arranged any of the junk that's been chucked in there. "Um, gross, no. Why?" "Cuz stuff I threw out four days ago is now on top of stuff I threw out yesterday." "Huh." "Guess we have a dumpster diver. Let's set up a camera!" "Please don't."

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    A run of fun re-watches. #871 - Knife in the Water (1962) So efficient even in his first feature. There is nothing wasted. It's a bracing example…

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    I can’t believe how good Roadside Picnic is. Sad like Hemingway’s good stories and a voice like Chandler but also totally weird. This is the book…

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    The Dougie stuff sure is some uninspired stuff. Episode 5 is not a very good gear shift. I'm not encouraged.

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