grashupfer (grashupfer) wrote,

I'll seem the fool I am not. Antony will be himself.

What these lines could mean. The possibilities. Cleopatra. I suppose some relationships are built on perfect understanding. I don't know of any, but one supposes. Those of us who seem suspect there are those out there who never seem. There's an age of guile they say, but the age of seem must be extremely low. But do those who seem love those who don't? Is there any inverse of Antony who seems and Cleo herself? Is there a better play than this one? Seem/himself, seem/herself. The depth of this man's writing sometimes. How did he seem when he watched other of his plays... the scenes I've belittled here in my posts... as I've blown dandelion seeds into the depths of this great ocean.
Tags: 1001 books, shakespeare

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