grashupfer (grashupfer) wrote,

Junior Seau shot himself in the chest, and speculation is he did so in order to preserve his brain for study the same way that Dave Duerson, another former NFL player, did last year. This is astonishing. Well, just generally. I guess, once the example is there, it's less astonishing for other people to do it. I wonder about the thinking and self-observation that goes into this kind of decision. I wonder just because of how complicated and heart-wrenching it must be. I remember reading the letters of the people who donated their bodies to the Body Worlds exhibit when it was displayed in Boston. I thought they were cool. Olivia (who was so young) was horrified. Not quite the same thing here even though it is the same thing. That sentence doesn't make any sense. It seems that a lot of the time you carry around these notions of sense that don't stand up to examination and yet there they are.

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